Flame pyrolysis for surface activation, adhesion promoter and primer for glass, metals and plastic

Flame pyrolysis as a method for deposition of thin functional layers under atmospheric pressure on surfaces.

The flame coating or even flames silicatization called st one for many years proven and cost-effective treatment for functional or adhesion improved layers to surfaces.
This procedure applies to the combustion chemical vapor deposition, C-CVD (chemical deposition of layers under atmospheric pressure).
The flame pyrolysis with flamprico Special Gas is a cost effective and economical solution.
For this purpose metal oxides can be produced for a variety of applications by means of suitable precursors.
When gasflame-pyrolyse these substances are pyrolyzed in the gas flame to the respective metal oxides.

Here are some examples:

  •     Silica to the adhesion of inks, coatings and films on substrates such as Glass, metals or plastics to improve.
  •     Titanium dioxide as UV blockers / protective layer around the UV to increase resistance.
  •     Alumina to protect the glass against glass corrosion.

flamprico adhesion promoter and primer for improving adhesion

Adhesion promoter and primer are substances that produce in the interface region of two substances, a chemical Compound.

Base material of our products:

  1.     Silanes (modified silane acrylates)
  2.     Metamethylacrylate (MMA)
  3.     modified chlorinated polyolefins (CPO)

flamprico adhesion promoters and primers are used successfully for a variety of applications to customers for many years
The self-developed and by us manufactured adhesion promoters and primers may be used for the following substrates and applications:

  •         Plastic adhesive
  •         Primer for printing on surfaces of melamine
  •         Primer for glass printing
  •         Primer for printing anodizing aluminium
  •         Print primer for acrylic glass
  •         primers to print on polypropylene
  •         Primer for UV flatbed printer systems
  •         Primer for glass
  •         Primers for the surface pre-treatment

special plastic adhesive and cleaning fluids

Plastic surfaces to printing, gluing or coating / lacquering is very problematic.

Without this an appropriate bonding agent or primer or a suitable surface such as activation can use the flamprico flame pyrolysis or surface activation of this be bound to fail
A plastic such as
the group of polyolefins have a nonpolar structure. That means they are made of very long polymer chains without active OH or COOH groups.

In the processing of the plastic such as Printing with UV inks in digital or screen printing method has the ink through the long polymer chains no way of chemical bonding, and also their adhesion is worsened by the too low surface tension.

flamprico plastic bonding agent

  •     flamprico 2030 Universal bonding agent increases the adhesion to a variety of plastics
  •     Adhesion promoter 1030 acrylic glass, polycarbonate
  •     Primer 3030 for polypropylene / PP, polyethylene / PET

this is an adhesion promoter, specifically for polypropylene has been devloped.
Even with other plastics and substrates a test is recommended.

flamprico special cleaner

This cleaning fluid cleans and activates the surface in one pass through the special composition developed by us, and is an affordable option for your process

Surface activation of plastic through a flame with a gas flame

The surface is flamed with a gas flame.
It is important to precise adjustment of the gas / air mixture to provide the optimum excess oxygen permanently and uniformly available.
Here is broken in the surface of the plastic molecule chains and instead present in the flame active OH and COOH groups involved.
This chemical reaction formed in the originally nonpolar Material Plastic polar groups.

This is demonstrable by a significant increase in surface tension.
It leads to improved wetting of the surface and to improve the adhesion, and this without adhesion promoter.
The low surface tension is the reason that liquids such. B. accept ink, adhesives or paints a cone shape like figure.
At a higher surface tension of these runs better on the surface, forms a larger interface to the substrate and thereby increasing the adhesion forces.

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